Elaine's First Flight in a Microlight with John Bradbury, Chief Flying instructor in his Quik GT-450
Brian.M.Davies at Arclid, Sandbach.

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Park a Steve and Elaine at Arclid aa Ready for First Flight b John connecting the Radio bb Big Smile from Elaine
Park.jpg a Steve and Elaine at Arclid.jpg aa Ready for First Flight.jpg b John connecting the Radio.jpg bb Big Smile from Elaine.jpg
c Cosy cc Run up the engine of the Quik GT450 d Bye dd Taxi out e Line up
c Cosy.jpg cc Run up the engine of the Quik GT450.jpg d Bye.jpg dd Taxi out.jpg e Line up.jpg
ee Take off f In the Air ff Higher g Wave gg Fly away South
ee Take off.jpg f In the Air.jpg ff Higher.jpg g Wave.jpg gg Fly away South.jpg