James Stephen Williams photographs

James's Photographs
James's Photographs

James Stephen Williams. Click for first pictures.

James Stephen Williams. Click for more family and first pictures.

Click for pictures taken weekend 29th July.

Click for pictures taken weekend 6th August 2006.

Click for pictures taken 17th August 2006 of James Stephen Williams and Pops.

James and Amanda catching a nap on 24th August 2006

James at Abersoch celebrating Phil's60th Birthday party on 3rd September 2006

Click for pictures taken 25th Sept, 2006.

First Christmas pictures 2006.

Amanda's favourite photo.

New Year portraits of James 2007.

Portrait of James 19 1 2007.

James's Christening 25th February 2007.

A visit to Llandudno 5th May 2007.

Cyprus May 2007.

Learning to walk June 2007.

James's First Birthday.

James's September 2007 pictures.

James's November pictures.

Wendy reads to James and Dylan.

Christmas 2007.

James New Years day at the Park with Daddy.

James and Dylan.

George James and Alan.

James visits the Fair with Alan.

Spring 2008, the boys.

James second birthday.