Family Home Page

Mum and Dad's 62nd Anniversary
Mum & Dad's 62nd anniversary picture, 25th October 2007

On this page you will find links to the family trees and photographs of our ancestors.
  • This link will take you to the ancestry lists of my English, Welsh and Dutch families.

  • This link will take you to the ancestry lists of Wendys English and Welsh families.

  • The Welsh and English Family. My Paternal Grandparents families.

  • Marion Hilary Tidswell. My sister and her three daughters, Tamara, Anneke and Rebecca.

  • Ruby Millicent Davies. Aunt and Retired History Teacher of The lady Eleanor Holles, Hampton, London.

  • Ellaline Beryl Davies. Aunt and Associate of the Royal College of Arts.

  • Stanley Garnet Davies. Dad, retired Civil Servant.

  • Jasper Thorold Davies. Uncle, Jasper was a stone carver. On Jasper's page you will find some poetry and drawings by him. He served on HMS Charybdis during the war.

  • Cornelia Maria Davies, nee Van Breugel. Mum, teacher and house wife.

  • The Dutch Family. My Maternal Grandparents families. Van Breugel and Van Spronsen of Rotterdam.

  • Hamlett pictures.The ancestors of Wendy's Mother, Violet T Ravenscroft, nee Hamlett.