The Missing Sock by Dylan Michael Ian Davies aged 8

Dylan entered this 500 word story into an Essay Competition for BBC Radio 2 hosted by Chris Evans
in December 2015. He was the first pupil at Ashton Hayes Primary School to have an essay pass the
first round, getting into the last 4,500 out of over 123,400 entries.

The Missing Sock

The washing had been sorted on the sofa, the t-shirts were neatly folded, the pants were piled high,
socks were sorted into pairs, all except one. Right sock was in the pile but his friend left sock wasn’t.
Left sock was gone!

Right sock looked all over the sofa for his friend but he couldn’t be found.

Right sock went up the stairs to look for left sock in the washing basket. This was the last place he
had seen left sock before they got washed. He quickly climbed up the washing basket and opened
the lid!

‘Left sock, are you in there?’ he shouted.
‘Yes, he’s in here,’ said the dirty pants, ‘why don’t you come in here and have a look?’
‘I can’t, I’m clean and your dirty!’ replied right sock, ‘you will make me stinky and smelly again.’
‘We won't,’ said the dirty pants.

So in he went, but the dirty pants did try to make him smell again, ‘give me a hug,’ said the pants,
right sock was too scared to give the dirty pants a hug, he jumped out of the basket and ran away and
hid under the bed.

‘Can I help you?’ said a voice in the dark.
‘I don’t know!’ said right sock, ‘who are you?’
‘I’m Toy Wolf,’ said the voice.
‘Are you going to eat me?’ asked right sock.
‘No,’ laughed Toy Wolf, ‘I don’t eat socks. What are you looking for?’
‘I’m looking for my friend Left sock.’
‘I could help with that by trying to sniff him out.’ said Toy Wolf.
‘Thank you,’ said right sock.

The two of them started to search for left sock. Toy Wolf searched by sniffing and Right sock
searched by looking but they couldn’t find Left sock anywhere.
‘Thank you for trying to help me,’ said Right sock.
‘Your welcome, I am sorry we couldn’t find your friend.’ replied Toy Wolf.
‘Is there any other place you could look?’
‘Yes there is,’ Right sock said, ‘I’m going look on top of the bed.

Right sock climbed up to the top of the bed, so he could see more.
Just then... THUMP, THUMP, THUMP! Something BIG walked into the room.
Right sock was SO scared that he slid off the bed!
A huge voice boomed “There’s my missing sock! The other one is downstairs on the sofa.”
The monster picked up Right sock and carried him off...

The monster walked into the living room and dropped Right sock onto the sofa next to Left sock!
‘Where have you been?’ asked Left sock, ‘I have been waiting here for you for two hours!’
‘I’ve been under the bed, where I met a friendly wolf, in the washing basket which wasn’t very
pleasant and on top of the bed where I met a huge monster that carried me back here.’
exclaimed Right sock!
‘I’m glad we are both back together again Right sock’ replied Left sock, ‘Want to watch some TV?’

Dylan's First Round Certificate.

ID reference was 2015-122451